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  • Our memorably designed bars make a great setting for you to enjoy a drink – either on its own, or with a meal. We offer an extensive selection of drinks, which means you can always find something to suit your mood, and the occasion. Choose from our expertly compiled wine list, sample a perfectly chilled continental beer, or ask one of our skilled bartenders to mix a cocktail from the comprehensive menu.

    The Browns wine list has a great range of accessible and exciting new world wines as well as European classics like Chablis and Rioja.

  • And we offer a staggering range of cocktails too, from classics such as martinis and manhattans to our own signature cocktails like the Long Jerry Iced Tea and the Club Tropics. There is also a full range of soft drinks, mocktails, tea and coffee available.

    Please drink responsibly

Look at the drinks menu in the Browns you'd like to visit



    We, like you, love cocktails and we think we have the perfect one for you waiting at your local Browns. Our highly skilled bar tenders will mix a delicious cocktail either from our extensive list or to your individual order. The choice can be limitless! We only use premium spirits and the best ingredients in every drink to ensure you enjoy your cocktail moment with Browns.

    Our Signature Cocktails showcase a selection from our range at £5 each from Sunday to Wednesday so you can treat yourself on that your mid-week occasion when you want to go out to avoid the weekend crowds.


    Celebrate in style with the fizz that takes your fancy, from Italian Prosecco, the best from the New World and award winning English sparkling and of course the top-quality brands of Champagne you'd expect. We also offer bubbly cocktails such as the classic Kir Royale, Aperol Spritz and Rivoting Raspberri.

  • WINE

    Our wine list features a variety of fabulous handpicked wines from both new and old world vineyards. We also have a special reserve selection made up of exceptionally fine wines from around the world.


    Soft drinks can be fun too – try looking at our list of exciting Softails, which feature tasty non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails such as the Rosehip & Rhubarb Fizz and Fine & Dandy.


    Finish your meal in time-honoured fashion with one of our fresh-roasted coffees. Or pop-in for afternoon tea with a scone or some cake as well!