Our quest for great tasting beef has ended on your plate.

Our quest for great tasting beef has ended on your plate.

We believe that great tasting food doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we use fresh, quality ingredients to create simple, tasty British brassiere dishes that you’ll love. And in ensuring reliably, high quality food all-year-around, we regularly explore ways of improving our menu and dishes from customer feedback. So, with beef being one of our most popular menu items, we had a little think about how we could make it the absolute best it could be.

We decided it didn’t matter how talented our chefs are, if the beef isn’t top quality to start with, your food won’t be the best it can be. So, we began rearing our own herds of Red Tractor farm–assured cattle.

The whole process, from farm to fork, is taken care of by us. From what the calves are fed, where they feed and how our farmers look after them, all the way through to the maturing process, butchery and cooking.

From the very first stage, our young cattle are looked after by selected British farmers who we know and trust. Our devoted farmers take the utmost care of our cattle, so the calves live a happy, content and healthy life.

We reflect this care taken in the preparation stage too. Once the beef comes to us, it is matured for 28 days to produce the most succulent and tender beef, before it’s prepared by our master butchers for your plates. 

But it’s not just the quality of the beef that’s important to us – the Browns Cattle Programme is also an economically-sustainable process. We work to optimise the use of locally-sourced cattle feed and housing materials across all of our selected British farms, with farmers using home grown cereals for feed and straw for bedding. It also means our farmers have the opportunity to rear livestock with the knowledge that the cattle are being prepared and cooked by trained chefs, to produce classic, great tasting plates.

With these steps in place, we hope you’ll notice the difference next time you join us for delicious, freshly-prepared British beef. Follow the link to find where it’s featured on our new menu.