Browns Privilege - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Browns Privilege scheme?

Privilege ensures you are kept up to date with all the latest Brown's news and offers. As a member you'll receive a range of exciting rewards that can be used each time you book a table or present your membership in venue and enjoy a meal or drink with us.


How can I join?

Download the Browns Privilege app and register online. You can use your Privilege account immediately and we'll send you a ‘thank you’ reward the day after you register to redeem on your next visit to a Browns Restaurant.

Where do I get the mobile App?

Search for 'Brown's Privilege' in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The app is free to download, you can register immediately and use the great features such as finding Browns locations, booking a table, viewing our menus and paying for you meal direct from your phone. 

Do I need a Privilege Card to download the App?

No, we have now discontinued the physical cards therefore you should download the app to your mobile phone and register without needing the Privilege Card.

Are the physical Privilege Card and App linked?

Both the card and app can be linked together during registration. You can use either your card or the app during your visit to Browns.

Why do I need to register my personal details?

The more we know about you, the more we can give you rewards that you like. 

I don't have an email address. Can I still take part?

Unfortunately, no. We need your email address to send you rewards.

Can I split the bill and use the same offer twice with someone else?

We only allow the use of single Privilege cards, offers or rewards when paying for meals and drinks.


I've lost/damaged my card - how can I get a replacement?

We have now discontinued our physical cards, you can download the Privilege app to your mobile phone. Note the new number provided and give our Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) a call to merge your existing details onto your new Privilege account.

How do I change my contact details?

By using the Privilege App or, if using a Privilege card, by logging in to your account online.

How do I cancel my account?

Call our Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) to request the cancellation of your account. All unredeemed rewards will also be cancelled.  

How is my data being used?

Your data is used to provide insights on guest preferences and enables us to tailor rewards. Full details are available at

I have signed up for the Browns Privilege Club but have not received an email/sign-up offer

Please contact our Guest Care team on 0121 498 4000 and they will check that your contact details are correct, and make sure that you receive your rewards.

How do I use my rewards?

Rewards can be redeemed when you next enjoy a meal or drink with us. Terms and conditions apply.

Do I have to book to use my rewards?

No, but reserving a table will avoid disappointment, ensures we know you are coming and can make special provisions for you.


How long will it take to receive my sign-up offers?

Once you've registered your ‘thank you’ reward will be sent via email the next day.

What will I get when I join?

After registration, you'll receive a ‘thank you’ reward to be redeemed on a future visit. We'll also send you the latest news and rewards for frequent visits.

Are the offers available for all Browns restaurants?

Generally yes, but specific terms & conditions may apply and will be detailed in the communications we send you.

Can I use more than one offer at one time?

No, only one offer, reward or Privilege card can be used in a single transaction.

Sharing a card

Why can I only have one account?

To maximise the benefits and great rewards to you, based on your visits and purchases, we allow our guests a single Privilege account.  

How do I merge my account with someone else's?

Sorry, but you can't, your card is unique to you.

Can I give my card to a friend/family member?

The Privilege registration is for one person but you can present your card when dining with friends and family.  

Can my friends and family combine our Privilege cards at the same visit and redeem vouchers?

We only allow the use of a single Privilege card, offer or reward when paying for meals and drinks.  


What do the terms and conditions apply to?

For information regarding the Privilege Card Terms & Conditions, see


How do I leave the scheme?

Give our Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) a call, but we'll be sorry to lose you.

What happens when I leave the scheme?

Your loyalty membership will be closed, we'll stop sending you rewards.


What happens if my details are out of date?

You can check and update your contact details on the app, online or give our Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) a call. Remember to keep your email address updated to avoid missing out on offers and rewards

I have forgotten the email address I have registered online with. What do I do?

Call the Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) and they will help you.

I can't log into my account - what should I do?

Call the Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) and they will help you.

I have forgotten the password I have registered online with. What do I do?

Call the Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) and they will help you.

How do I change my password?

Call the Privilege Helpline (0870 240 1300) and they will help you.


I have a complaint about the Brown's Privilege scheme…