Browns gift card FAQs

Where can I buy Browns gift cards?

Browns gift cards are available to purchase online. You can choose to have your gift card sent to your recipient by email or text message.

Where can I spend Browns gift cards?

Browns gift cards (whether plastic, email or text message) are valid at any Browns in the UK as well as any other Mitchells & Butlers venue.  You can search all available venues here.

In what amounts are your gift cards available?

You can credit one of our gift cards with any denomination of £5, up to the total value of £250.

For how long are they valid?

Our gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Who can I send a gift card to?

Email gift cards (or 'e-gifts') can be sent to anyone with a valid email address. Text message e-gifts can be sent to any UK mobile number starting with 07.

When I order a gift card for a friend, how will I know it has been sent?

After you've made payment, you should receive an email detailing your order and confirming the delivery of your gift card.

What if the gift card is not received?

Email our team with your details and they'll respond to your query as soon as possible.

How do I spend a gift card received by email or text message?

Just show the email (either on your smartphone or as a print-out) or text message to your server, who will then redeem it for you.

Do I have to spend all the money on my gift card in one go?

Not at all. If there is any remaining balance on your gift card, feel free to come back and spend it before the expiry date.

Where can I find out what the remaining balance is on my gift card?

Click on the 'Check my balance' link on the bottom of our gift cards page and follow the simple instructions.

Every time you redeem an e-gift received via email or text message, you should receive an automatic message telling you what you have left to spend.

Can I order large quantities of Browns gift cards?

Certainly. Simply email our gift-card team and they'll be happy to help. 

I have an issue with my gift card, but I can't find the answer here. Who should I contact?

Email our team, who should be able to help you with any further queries.